Child And Adolescent Therapy

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”
– Albert Einstein

I have worked in a number of settings helping children and adolescents for over 27 years. These include working in a school counselor, working in the alternative education sector, supporting children dealing with family violence and separation, and providing therapy for children with clinical mental health diagnoses.

Due to the limitations of talk therapies when working with younger children, I draw on more suitable therapy modalities such as expressive therapy, sand play therapy and outdoor therapy.

As the parent of a struggling child or teenager, you might be worried about their future. They might be excessively quiet or withdrawn, or they might be difficult to manage and engage in risky behaviours. It is clear that something is amiss, but it is not clear how to help them.

It might even seem that they don’t want your help. When you try to point them in the right direction, they might avoid you, rebuff you or tell you to “mind your own business”.

It might be especially hard to see your child struggle if you know they have suffered some kind of traumatic experience. It is normal to worry that these behaviours will continue to get worse as they grow up.

It might be tempting to ignore the problems and just wait for them to “mature”. This is an important time in their life and the patterns and behaviours they engage in now will mark their future and affect their quality of life later on.

Kristina is a qualified Youth Worker, Social Worker and Psychotherapist.

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“Our 11 year old son developed a strong relationship with Kristina. He looked forward to seeing her each week. Kristina was upfront and honest assisting us to understand what to expect in her counselling process. Also mentioning that with my son’s permission, part of the process also entailed working with us as well, providing us with the tools to understand our son as well as assisting us to understand the importance of remaining calm. Kristina provided story telling, sand play therapy and play methods with our son. We saw emotional changes in our son. Our son felt safe and comfortable with Kristina. We did as well. Kristina is extremely easy to talk to, I would highly recommend her for people of all ages. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable providing constructive feedback and knowledge.”

– Parents Male 36, Female 32

I specialise in helping children with the following issues

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Dealing With Family Violence

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Anger and Aggression

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Low Self Esteem

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Social Difficulties

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Grief and Loss

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Family Separation

In our work together, I will draw on a number of approaches and will tailor sessions to fit your child’s needs. These approaches include:

  • Emotional Release Processing: movement, music, drumming, exercise
  • Symbol Work
  • Visualisation, Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Systems therapya
  • Play based therapy
  • Body Focus and Awareness (including body maps)
  • Expressive Colour, Line and Shape
  • Expressive Writing, Journaling
  • Sandplay
  • EMDR and tapping
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy
  • Outdoor therapy

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