Couples Therapy

“If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships – the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace” – Frank Roosenvelt

It’s Time To Find Connection Again

The constant fighting, blaming and disagreements pull you apart. The distance can no longer be ignored. At it’s best, a loving relationship can be a source of comfort and fulfilment. It can help us feel supported and like we matter. But when arguments and resentment get in the way, it can feel even lonelier than if you were apart. Things are spinning out of control and the teamwok is nowhere to be found.

Loneliness and disappointment, when all you want is to feel connected and happy. Even if you are both want the same thing, it is not easy how to bring this about. Work, children and other relationships can get in the way of the closeness and intimacy you once enjoyed.

It is painful to see the gap between you widening, and it is painful to not know how to make it better. Couples can get sept under negative cycles that wreak havoc in their relationships, leading to more pain.

A Licensed and qualified therapist has the ability to assist couples to discover the underlying causes that lie beneath the surface of disagreements. Often uncovering the emotions, fears and triggers that can get in the way of fulfilling relationships .
Research is now substantiating the importance of healthy relationships, how they can affect our mental health, physical health and outlook on life. It is normal for many coupes to hit roadblocks along the way.

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Questioning support can be difficult , but it can also have lifelong advantages , not just for you and your partner, but for those whom you are close to.

I work with couples and families in an harmonious and profound way assisting them to re build their connections, rewire, and begin to explore the reasons behind disconnection, anger and loss. Offering a gentle, compassionate, and calm approach, along with good humour and a gentle, supportive, and respectful manner, mindful of the need to assist couples to understand themselves better in the context of their relationships and begin to view other perspectives.

As a clinical member of the International and National licensed registering bodies for Psychotherapists, Australian Relationship Counsellors and Family Therapists; Kristina has undertaken extensive clinical supervision, experience and training enabling her to become accredited in this field.

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“My husband and I began couples therapy with Kristina. She was gentle, passionate I we both felt extremely safe in her presence. At the beginning my husband and I were not communicating well, we were fighting, staying in separate rooms and struggling to communicate. Often as Kristina explains – ‘Flipping our lid’. Kristina explored our attachment histories and our inter-generational values and beliefs, providing strategies to communicate with each other. My husband and I are forever grateful for the assistance she has provided us. We have developed empathy for each other, and learnt not to take those comments personally. Understanding now, that conflict is healthy in a relationship, its how you fight that makes the difference.”

– Female, 41

It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This Forever

A therapist can help to find the real issues that lie beneath the surface of disagreements. These can be hard to spot when you are in the relationship, when you emotions and fears get in the way of seeing things from an outsider’s perspective. In couple’s therapy, we can explore the emotions that lie beneath the actions and discover what is driving the negative patterns in your relationship. This understanding can change the ways you interact with each other, opening the door to more positive ways of relating to one another. Couples that learn to stop these negative cycles when they arise and share their feelings end up experiencing more satisfaction and intimacy in their relationships.

In our sessions, we will focus on the specific issues that bring you to therapy. We will collaborate from a place of mutual trust to find the underlying probelm beneath this issue and find the best way to approach it.


“We searched for a couple’s counsellor for a few months. After attending to couples sessions with other therapists, we finally found Kristina upon recommendation from another therapist. We immediately felt comfortable with Kristina. She provided a warm and comfortable environment. Helping us to understand each other and understand each other’s perspective, providing us with tools and learning not to take things to heart.”

– Female 27, Female 29

Couples Therapy Can Help With Issues Including

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Trouble Making Mutual Decisions

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Communication Problems

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Conflicts From Childcare and Blended Families

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Family Violence

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Planning To Get Married

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Parenting Through Separation

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Loss Of A Child or Partner

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Important Life Changes (e.g. Children Moving Out Or Losing Parents)

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Mental Health Issues Affecting The Relationship

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Adjusting to Parenting

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