Parent – Child Therapy

“The more a child feels attached to the Mother, the more secure he is in his acceptance of himself and the rest of the world. The more love he gets, the more he is capable of giving. Attachment is as central to the developing child as eating and breathing.” – Robert Shaw

Parent – Child/Adolescent Therapy

Kristina understands that our brains are relational, she is aware that our early attachment history matters. As a clinical family Therapist, she is up to date with current research which is now substantiating that our bodies not only hold memories and experiences that have developed throughout our life span even in utero. But also impact on our biological makeup that also include our family of origin and our ancestors.

Traumatic events can affect the child and parent attachment, this is because when trauma occurs our body is wired to survive. During this time our body responds to survive, often responding unconsciously with either a sympathetic response – Fight and flight and/or a dorsal Vagal response – Shutting down. Current research is substantiating that these responses can often remain in the body. Parents can find it hard to respond with warmth and empathy as their body is still wired to survive. Added to that parenting does not come with a book. We often learn how to parent from our own experience as a child.

Prior to becoming a therapist Kristina studied her Bachelor of Youth Work and spent 14 years working in the homelessness and alternative sector as a youth worker in the eastern and western suburbs of Melbourne. She experienced firsthand the long-term effects of unresolved trauma and the impact that trauma can have on relationships resulting in homelessness. Through her 14 years of work as a youth worker working with young people 12 – 21 whom have been homeless, or / and at risk or homelessness, or fallen out of the education system she is extremely passionate about providing early intervention therapy models that involve:

  • Latest evidence-based therapies that involve processing trauma
  • Working on relationships that are the essential ingredient for recovery
  • Working with family systems than can impact on recovery


Parents and Child Splashing Water - Sticks n Stones Therapy Albury Wodonga

“Kristina is empathetic and kind, she has worked with my two children following the bushfires, providing sand play therapy and EMDR. My children felt safe and comfortable with Kristina. Kristina also met with me frequently assisting me to assist my children. When I took my children to see her, I felt like there was something I was doing wrong, She was nonjudgmental, empathetic, and really understood me and why I responded in the way I did. My children always felt safe. Kristina has helped me and my children in so many ways and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done.”

– Female Parent, 32

Kristina integrates 30 years of experience with her therapeutic studies to work with parents and children. Understanding that relationships are a necessity for healing and repair.

Kristina has over 12 years of therapeutic experiences providing counselling and therapy to parents and children within:

  • Clinical Mental Health Settings
  • Post – Separation
  • Education Settings
  • Family Violence

Plus 4 years of research and project work that includes:

  • Inquiry into causes of homelessness for young people (12 – 21) within Western Melbourne Suburbs
  • Development of program for parents of children whom have experienced trauma
  • Developing mentor program for young people between the ages of 12 – 25
  • Youth Needs studies in Western Melbourne Suburbs

Kristina has completed her Master’s in Clinical family Therapy and training hours to become a clinical family therapist. She incorporates her extra training:

  • Level 1 training in Child-centred Play Therapy
  • Theraplay Training
  • Attachment-based Family Therapy
  • EMDR Child Story Telling Training (to assist in building parent-child attachments)

Kristina is also a parent who understands that parenting can be hard work, she incorporates this experience with her parenting training

  • Tuning into Kids
  • Bringing up great kids program

within her work. Assisting parents, children and adolescents to heal together with the understanding that mindful and attuned parenting is essential for healing whilst using EMDR storytelling and havening.

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