Somatosensory Therapy

“Healing is reconnecting with parts of ourselves that have been neglected, perhaps abused and being able to show up for ourselves in a way that we needed others to show up for others.” – Michelle Miller

Up to date Current research has found that traumatic memories are not stored in a way that they can be deeply accessed by verbal interactions that are based on cognitive or analytical processes.

Expert specialists such as Dr. Stephen Porges, Dr. Bessel van Der Kolk, Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Sandra and Daniel Siegal understand how the Vagus Nerve functions. This knowledge has altered trauma treatment and has now transformed the importance of working with the body, brain, and memory system in Polyvagal focused and somatic approaches will be integrated fully across mental health and trauma-based treatments. Somatosensory counselling is shown to assist with anxiety, anger, trauma, worry and rumination, low self-esteem, mental health, stress, and constant internal criticism of self.
Alongside my relational work, which is the essence of therapy, I am certified in therapies such as:

  • EMDR, with children , adolescents, and adults
  • Havening
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)
  • Polyvagal therapy & Safe and Sound program

These treatments use a sound somatosensory approach. This includes many approaches that intend to create safety and create an encouraging relationship between you and your body, these begin with somatic awareness, and Memory consolidation and related skills building.

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Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

Kristina has completed her level 2 accreditation in EMDR with children, adolescents, and adults. EMDR is an evidenced based treatment model that utilises bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements to activate the brain in a way that processes and resolves ‘stuck’ traumatic memories and negative thoughts about self.

EMDR has now had and extensive number of positive outcomes in adults, children and adolescents who have experienced significant traumatic events such as car accidents, natural disasters, family violence, bullying, sexual abuse.

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‘Havening’ is a scientifically based way of helping people deal with past events and incidents. Havening touch increases delta brainwaves such as those we generate in deep sleep. These delta waves cause the body to release helpful neurochemicals which de-activate at a synaptic level the memory structures in the brain that lock in traumatic memory so that those memories are released and no longer have negative effects. Other neurochemicals that are released promote relaxation in the body and promote states which are more conducive to adaptive learning.

Kristina has completed her introduction to havening through the Havening Institute

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Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)

Kristina has completed her level 1 Internal Family System IFS training through the Centre of Self Leadership. IFS therapy is an evidenced based therapy that understands that our psyches are all made up of diverse parts, like little people inside us. Each of these parts play a role in protecting, stopping distressing feelings, emotion, role, and motive. IFS has discovered that every part has a constructive intent for you. Getting to know the part and giving it a voice, allows the part to begin to be explored, beginning to understand what it is afraid of and acknowledge the role it has played when needed.

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Polyvagal Theory with Safe & Sound Program

Kristina is a certified provider of the SSP program and completed her foundations model in Polyvagal Theory with international trauma specialist, Deb Dana.

Polyvagal is the theory of our autonomic nervous system, our nervous system being the foundation of our lived experience. The autonomic nervous system is the foundation upon which all lived experience sits. Polyvagal Theory explains how and why we as human beings move through a continuous cycle of mobilization, disconnection, and engagement. This system helps us understand how we move through the world and helps us navigate our lived experiences.

The SSP uses the auditory system is a gateway to the vagus nerve, which controls our physiological state. Using the gateway to our vagus nerve through music and sounds planned to send messages of safety can accelerate or enhance subsequent therapy such as EMDR, IFS and Havening.

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“I had a colleague who would give me a hard time at work every single day. I would lay in bed not wanting to go to work each morning and I would burst into tears on the way to my car most afternoons after a really rough day. I had heard about Kristina and so I made contact with her and I explained my situation. Kristina provided me with options on moving forward and I decided on Havening. I felt at total ease with Kristina as we talked and laughed during the session. I was amazing at the clarity in my thoughts when I was in my session, and I was able to finally name my emotions and what was behind the feelings. I left Kristina’s office feeling stronger than ever before. I no longer dread going into work and there are no tears in sight. Kristina is an incredible therapist with an array of knowledge and skills, but most importantly she is the kindest therapist who made me feel completely safe and supported. Thank you Kristina. “

– Female, 40

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